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Commissions & Tattoos

A note on Commissions & Tattoo Requests:

If you’ve found yourself on this page— thank you! It is incredibly complimentary to be considered for a commissioned piece or a tattoo of my art. :) 

For anyone hoping to get a tattoo of an existing design- yes, you have my permission. I just ask that you tag me if you share it on social media (@ihsquared) or send a picture of the finished piece. 

If you'd like to offer a token of appreciation for the design, a great way to support my art is by snagging something off the website or just Venmo me a tip @ihsquared. 

For commissions:

Placing a monetary value on creativity is challenging, and my process is very time-consuming. With that being said, I don’t go by an hourly rate.  

I prefer to have an overview of the project upfront (concept, scale, and budget), so I can decide whether or not I'm a good fit for the project. 


I want a design of a tiger skull with diamonds in the eyes. It is for personal use and will be tattooed on me. My budget is $_____.


I would like to commission an album cover for my band. The band name is _____ and we make hardcore metal music. We would like the cover to be a red and black dragon in your style with this title. We're planning on printing the album cover and band tees. The budget for this project is $_____.

I only agree to projects that I feel I can make something I am proud of and will exceed the customer's expectations. My process as an artist is time-consuming, and I often spend 25+ hours on commissioned projects. The budget should reflect the time needed to make something unique and interesting. 

Thanks again for your consideration and support!